Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing refers to activities initiated on social media web sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, content discovery sites, social news site and forums with the goal to spread a message or content in the form of video, text, images, audio, widgets, virally through the social web to gain attention, visibility and traffic.

Digians Global social media services can help you connect the explosive power of the social Web and build valuable relationships with current and future customers, vendors, and employees.

Social media marketing requires active participation to be effective, so before a single tweet is uttered our social media gurus simply listen – carefully. By using all of the tools, knowledge and connections we have in our arsenal we uncover the hidden messages surrounding your brand, identify your terrorists and evangelists and help to create new connections to shape (or reshape) your brand’s sphere of social influence.


    • Creating User-friendly and informative profiles
    • Profile maintenance
    • The increment of followers of your brand/product
    • Active engagement with clients/users
    • Publishing of wall posts/status updates
    • Updating profile with product/event information
    • Targeted traffic which results in genuine customers
    • Customized brand campaign to suit your requirements