Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

There are hundreds of Indian SEO agencies and they all claim to be able to get you top local SEO placement. Most of them don’t have a clue how to do it. Some of them may outsource to another organic SEO marketing agency and many just don’t get the job done. They keep advertising for new clients as they continually get fired by the old ones once their ineffectiveness comes to light. It is, unfortunately, very common in the organic SEO industry.

What makes Organic SEO Marketing Agency different? Results. Documented results. That’s what we have produced for over a decade now. As a subsidiary of ESM, we can draw on thirty years of marketing experience, going back to the days when the web itself was nothing more than an idea. We’ve grown up side by side with Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. We know what they are looking for because we watched these search engines develop the algorithms that determine local SEO placement and we understand them.

Why do some sites get more traffic than others? How do they determine who is on page one when someone searches for a certain keyword or keyword phrase? There are many SEO specialists who may be able to give you a partial answer to these questions but very few who know the answer in its entirety. Organic SEO Marketing Agency knows the answer. We don’t guess when it comes to your business. We know what works.

Types Of Search Engine Optimization?

SEO techniques refer to the way how the techniques affect the results in SERP. There are 3 Different Types of SEO Techniques and Practices.

White hat SEO

White hat SEO is one of the most popular SEO technique, it utilizes techniques and methods to improve the search engine rankings of a website which do not run Incorrectly of search engine guidelines. The white hat SEO techniques are website HTML optimization, it is high-quality content development, link acquisition campaigns which supported by high-quality content. if we are using this type of SEO technique then we can expect a gradual, steady but lasting growth in ranking.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is a type of SEO services that try to trick the search engine and manipulate the ranking of the site. This type of a method of SEO is not in accordance with the SEO guidelines set by search engines and especially Google. The wholesome level of SEO technique is very low because of some technique of black hat SEO include keyword stuffing, doorway and clock pages, link spam, hidden link and hidden text. in this technique, you can expect unpredictable, quick and short lasting growth in rankings.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO is sort of an SEO is a sort of an SEO which is neither dark nor white. This is a procedure that does not completely utilize the dark cap SEO and rather consolidates both. This is a change from dark to white and from white to dark. Regardless of whether it is because of weight from the site or organization or to convey better outcomes, some SEO organizations may rehearse Gray cap SEO to some degree. They may not go too far too dark cap SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Solutions?

In the past, you could simply pay for link popularity with directories. Now, times have changed and many of the main search engines are nixing this type of behavior as a legitimate source of qualified referrals. In essence, having search engine optimization solutions is more important than just appearing as a legend in your own mind. The internet is a big place, and with a limited amount of time available to each of us on a daily basis, people want what they want, when they want it. Make sure that your website has what it takes to (a) convert them into clients when they get there and (b) the ability to find you in the first place, which means search engine optimization.

When you think about any industry, there are leaders and followers, websites do not just magically appear in the upper echelon of highly trafficked keywords by accident. Rankings are built up over time through campaigning to search engines by providing things like useful information, tools or downloads such as e-books or reports, or content that can stand on its own merit by way of the offline brand positioning or promotion.

Whatever the case, rest assured that the competition never sleeps, so investing in search engine optimization is not just a pie in the sky phantasm that businesses are referring to as a good luck charm, it’s a necessity / operating expense for those seeking to etch an impression in search engines, which have the eyes and ears and pocketbooks of the people.

The Problem, Appealing to Search Engines

In order to appeal to search engines, you have to follow the rules and guidelines they establish, unless you want to find yourself a memory to their index. Certain things like not linking domains together in excess to inflate rankings, excessively using reciprocal links (I link to you, you link to me tactics), buying paid links (which is really under scrutiny) or using unethical means such as cloaking, redirects (gaming links) or other behaviors known for getting on their bad side. But behind every search, there is a human (for the most part) seeking something with an emotional conclusion in mind. As long as your business model is in the habit of producing solutions to problems or conclusions to searchers in need, then you can capitalize on the results.

The Methods of Appeal

You may have heard of PPC (pay-per-click-marketing), but even now amidst the masses, people are hip to the whole pay for performance hype associated with advertising, even if the search engine companies are the ones selling it. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a directory with a paid link or Google, Yahoo or MSN selling PPC and the sponsored ads that they are showing, people just aren’t as open as they were to this method.

Search Engine Reputation Management, Traffic, and Popularity

Organic rankings in search engines are a by-product of a combination of variables such as:

“How many other websites or companies are linking to you
How many visitors or website traffic your site receives
what others say about your company, products or services
and How well your websites’ content is received and acted upon”

Granted many of these proposed variables, you may have no control over, but on the other hand, many of them you do. Why leave your websites’ reputation in the hands of others, when you can selectively set waves in motion (through PR) that can bring a steady flow of increased traffic or interest your way.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Simply put, organic search engine optimization involves analyzing your website, the server environment, the IP address and the content on the pages to ensure that they are all compliant with the search engine guidelines. Once that is done, then you can start the tumultuous process of link building and promotion of articles, blogs, press releases and third-party referrals that are known to augment relevance for your site. This is what you are paying for when hiring an SEO company, not a one and done fee, but rather the amount of time they spend on making sure that each of these elements is catered to in a fashion that nurtures your website as a whole. Eventually, as a result, your site will naturally appear in the natural listings for keywords and phrases which you could have easily spent thousands of dollars a month on using PPC (pay per click marketing).

Donating Products Services or Resources

Doing something nice for the community – is a great way to get some free press offline (a mention in a local newspaper or magazine) or as part of a newsletter from the organization you assisted. For example, helping out a charity by donating something more than money is an example. If your an SEO company, offer free SEO services for certain types of charities. If you run a basket factory, donate 100 baskets to somewhere in need, if you own a coat factory or retail store, donate something to those in need and the word will get out like wildfire. The point is, just because you’re online, doesn’t mean that you have to rely entirely on the online community to get sales and conversion from. You may, in fact, get a slew of leads from something that your business does offline, so have a bit of creativity and put on your thinking cap to come up with something that works best for your niche.

The bottom line is, think outside the box, but more importantly, provide something of value. It’s not always the cruel calculating side of business tactics that win at the end of the day, it’s about those things that give back to the whole. Ask yourself, is your website really there in the sense of providing value to the visitor or is it just another paid advertisement?

With consumers being inundated daily by thousands of advertisements vying for their attention on every front, many of the methods of the past, are falling on deaf ears and roving eyes with intelligence. Make sure your message has a focus and that you are addressing the person behind that monitor reading your words, otherwise you will only be helping your competition get one step further ahead, from your lack of emotion as they return to the search engine to find a more fitting online suitor for their time and attention.